What about us ? 

The creation of the association

In September 2019, the promotion for the Master 1 Reproductive Biology at University of Tours created the association GAMET’S.

Left to right and top to bottom : Pauline TEXEIRA, Laura RADENEN, Victoria SLEZEC-FRICK, Océane GIRARD, Charlotte DENNEZ, Noémie NIORT, Florence EVRARD, Alicia CHARDON, Laura CAILLAUD, Elsa GIORDANI, Léona ORLANDI, Hélène PINATEL, Coline CHARNAY, Céline CHEVALIER, Nabil NASRI, Luyao Wu, Juliette GOURDON, Leo SALEMA-GABRELLE

This association was created by the 2019-2021 promotion with the objective to direct the promotion’s project.


This promotion had the objective to direct a scientific congress of 3 days and a public conference about Endometriosis. These events had to initially happen in Tours on November 2020. Following the sanitary crisis linked to COVID-19 and the cancellation of cultural events, the team was able to adapt to lead the project to fruition. Then, the entire event was rethink as a webinar.

For more information about this project, you can consult the page 

The final word

Our project is now over, so we hand over to the new promotion of Master 1.


Organize a webinar and a conference was very enriching for us, from a technical and human point of view.

And many of you followed us! We thank you for the support you have given us during this year and for your participation in all our events.

We also thank the University of Tours and INRAE of Nouzilly for their financial support, as well as all the speakers for their involvement in our project.


We wish the new team good luck in the realization of their projects.


The former GAMET’S team.

Laura C., Alicia, Coline, Céline, Charlotte, Florence, Elsa, Océane, Juliette, Nabil, Noémie, Léona, Hélène, Laura R., Léo, Victoria, Pauline and Luyao.

Webdesigner : Céline CHEVALIER

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